A Colorado Coroner’s Office report released to TheWrap on Wednesday said that “Can’t Buy Me Love” star Amanda Peterson died from accidental acute morphine toxicity.

The actress’ family had previously speculated that sleep apnea was responsible for her death at age 43. The star’s body was discovered in her Colorado apartment on July 5, two days after her death.

While Peterson’s mother Sylvia asserted her daughter was clean and sober, the beloved ’80s actress had a long struggle with substance abuse.

Peterson was reportedly arrested four times over the past two decades in her hometown of Greeley, Colorado, most recently on a May 2012 DUI and drug paraphernalia charge.

Additional arrests in 2000, 2003 and 2005 and their subsequent booking photos show a significant departure from the fresh face that played opposite Patrick Dempsey‘s in the romantic comedy — and one even displays two black eyes.

“This was not, in any way, a drug thing,” she said, also repeating earlier speculation that Peterson suffered from sleep apnea and hinting that the condition played a part in her death.

The actress stopped responding to calls and texts from family on July 3, two days before she was discovered in her home. Sylvia Peterson told People about her daughter’s mental state when the two spoke for the last time.