DFL Gov. Mark Dayton wants a bonding bill in the upcoming legislative session. DFL House Speaker designate Paul Thissen wants one. And incoming House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt says passing one isn't "off the table."

Passing a borrowing bill for statewide infrastructure projects requires a super majority to pass so despite Democrats' coming control of the Legislature and the governor's office, the DFL can't do it alone. On Friday, Daudt said that Republicans may be willing to work with Democrats on the issue, which means it may win some GOP votes.

Daudt, R-Crown, said the Republicans' top priority will be balancing the state's budget but after that, his caucus would be willing to talk discuss bonding.

"We want to have some finality on the budget first and then we want to talk about a bonding bill," Daudt said. "I think we're willing to work with them. We'll see what happens with the budget. But I wouldn't take it off the table." 

Traditionally, Minnesota approves bonding only in the even numbered years. But in each of the last two years, the state has approved building bills each year.