The U-Haul lot in Bloomington may need to get into the boat rental business at this rate.

In two separate federal lawsuits filed this week, U-Haul and the owner of its property contend that poor stormwater management by the city of Bloomington has caused repeated floods at the rental store at 8845 Lyndale Av. S.

According to court documents, the flooding has gotten progressively worse in recent years on the low-lying property, which is in a hollow 10 to 15 feet below the level of surrounding land. The complaint lists nine separate incidents since 2010 in which stormwater floods have caused “extensive damage” to U-Haul trucks and trailers parked at the site. Five of the incidents occurred within the last two months.

The city has held a “floodage” easement on the property since 1980, which permits water to collect in specified areas. But in recent years, the suit contends, flooding has repeatedly occurred far beyond the easement’s borders.

U-Haul contends that the city’s municipal storm sewer plan, “including its lack of construction of appropriate stormwater holding ponds,” has increased the frequency and intensity of floods on the property.

The city “failed to use reasonable care in the maintenance, operation and inspection of its storm sewer system, allowing the system to be overtaxed,” the complaint says.

Bloomington has not yet filed a response to the lawsuit. City officials said they’re still studying the suit.

U-Haul officials declined to comment Friday.

The suit seeks damages in excess of $75,000, with the exact amount to be determined at trial.