Q: Why are they changing the host on "Dancing With the Stars"? We like Tom Bergeron.

A: The long-running competition will be presenting a lot of changes when the new season begins on Sept. 14. Some are reportedly pandemic-related: no live audience, for example, and Derek Hough taking over as a judge for the stuck-in-the-U.K. Len Goodman. But the central shakeup is the ouster of hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews and the arrival of Tyra Banks as the host and as an executive producer. The network has said the hosting change is part of "the creative refresh the team is planning while honoring the show America loves." That "refresh" means the show has gotten stale (true) and lost viewers. Not that I blame Bergeron, a witty and at times iconoclastic voice on the series.

Bank on 'Filthy Rich' next week

Q: While visiting New Orleans in March 2019, my husband and I saw a film crew; a resident told us it was for a show called "Filthy Rich" and that Kim Cattrall was one of the actors. Have you heard anything about the show?

A: "Filthy Rich" is a drama starring Cattrall due to premiere on Fox on Sept. 21. The network calls it a "Southern gothic family soap in which wealth, power and religion collide." Cattrall, best known for "Sex and the City," plays the widow of the founder of a Christian TV network; after his death she learns he had three children out of wedlock, all of whom are in his will.

For those of you with long TV memories, yes, this does recall the 1982-83 comedy "Filthy Rich," which also involved a wealthy family, the death of the patriarch and an illegitimate child. In fact, the new series is based on a New Zealand program with the same name.

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