The latest point of "Fargo" (as well as Fargo) pride: Wood Chipper Ale. Its maker, the Fargo Beer Co., had a big rollout party Wednesday night for it, an India pale ale. The name isn't a surprise, considering earlier in the year, Fargo made the actual wood chipper from the movie, above, into a tourist destination. And as the Associated Press article about the beer notes, the movie is being shown tonight at the first Fargo Fest.

But ...

This is a movie about Minnesota, right? Mostly Brainerd and a little of the metro to boot. Yes, Fargo certainly got the title, but just a bit at the start where Jerry Lundegaard found his hired goons. The ending took place in North Dakota, but outside of Bismarck. So what exactly is the civic pride?

That might be too fine a point for the beer conversation: It's being brewed in Wisconsin. For now.

All of that said, here are other beer names related to  "Fargo" the movie that we might want to see. Fargo Beer's website and Facebook page don't mention other brews, so maybe they can consider these as suggestions:

Lundegaard Lager

Icescraper IPA

Parking Ramp Porter

Go Bears Bock.

Got any of your own?


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