Auction house is going, going, gone

Rose Galleries, one of the largest auction houses in the Twin Cities, will bang the gavel for the last time Nov. 19. Co-owner Sonia Vacinek said she and her sisters decided to sell their Little Canada building after they "got an offer they couldn't refuse."

But she also said that the live auction industry "is definitely changing. People like to shop at 2 a.m. in their pajamas."

And eBay and other online auctions aren't the only challenge, according to Vacinek. People seem to have less time, fewer consider auctions a form of entertainment and the baby boomlet doesn't seem to have a taste for old stuff.

"I don't see the younger generation collecting," said Vacinek. "They see it as clutter."

Final auctions at Rose Galleries are:

Nov. 8: General collectibles, furniture; Nov. 17: Fine jewelry; Nov. 18: Fine art and antiques.

After the business closes, Vacinek's sister, Amy Minear, will continue selling jewelry online at