Ashton Kutcher, the new star of "Two and a Half Men," has kept viewers coming to the hit CBS sitcom in the wake of Charlie Sheen's departure. But almost as soon as the ratings reports came out for the show's second week, so did the bad news.

Kutcher's character, a broken-hearted Internet billionaire, talked to his wife while surfing on his laptop, a laptop that happened to feature stickers of Internet companies in which Kutcher holds an interest. CBS reportedly is not pleased: "This was not part of any advertising transaction with CBS," a network official told E! Online. "Our policy is to disclose such financial interests in a credit at the end of the broadcast." Future showings will have the labels fuzzed out. Sort of like Kutcher's appearance in the buff at the end of Episode 1.

The other show dropped Wednesday as the Internet buzzed with a Star magazine report that Demi Moore was splitting with Kutcher and others that the couple had lived apart for months and that Kutcher had reportedly strayed on their six-year marriage. One news story estimated the Hollywood power couple's divorce would have to split up at least $290 million in assets. Not to mention their charitable efforts, like the partnership announced over the weekend with Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

So maybe Kutcher had a reason to be thinking about his business interests...

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