1. Michigan State (13-4): Take down Ohio State and the Big Ten is theirs alone.

2. Michigan (12-5): Who would have thought the Wolverines would be here, competing for the title?

3. Ohio State (12-5): The Buckeyes need to get themselves together before tourney time.

4. Indiana (10-7): Not a bad time to be playing better basketball.

5. Wisconsin (11-6): The Badgers should finish their turnaround on a high note against Illinois.

6. Purdue (10-7): The Boilermakers have made a pretty strong case to be "inside" the bubble.

7. Iowa (8-9): Your early season hurt you too much, Hawkeyes.

8. Northwestern (7-10): Can the Wildcats finally make it to the Big Dance? They need a victory over Iowa.

9. Illinois (6-11): What a sad end to the season for the Illini.

10. Gophers (5-12): February proved o be a very tough month for this team.

11. Penn State (4-13): Tim Frazier is the lone bright spot here. He did his best.

12. Nebraska (4-13): A victory feels so far away for the Huskers.