Big Ten Power Poll

Wisconsin (13-1, 1-0): The overwhelming favorite to win the conference title until the Badgers prove otherwise.

Maryland (13-1, 1-0): The best surprise of the league this year is this newbie.

Iowa (10-4, 1-0): Gets a top-three nod with a victory at Ohio State and turmoil below.

Indiana (11-3, 1-0): It's been a season of highs and lows, but impressive victories over SMU, Pittsburgh and Butler.

Ohio State (11-3, 0-1): The Buckeyes have lost every major matchup. Still waiting to see who this team is.

Penn State (12-2, 0-1): The Nittany Lionss hadn't had a one-loss nonconference slate in at least 13 years.

Gophers (11-3, 0-1): A promising nonconference schedule was undone in an ugly collapse at Purdue.

Michigan State (9-5, 6-2): I can't remember a time the Spartans were so far down. Strange year in East Lansing.

Michigan (8-5, 1-0): Speaking of strange years, can the Wolverines recover from a four-game nonconference losing streak?

Purdue (9-5, 1-0): The Boilermakers made good against the Gophers after a rough time in nonconference, but they have a long way to go.

Illinois (10-4, 0-1): A good defense and largely improved offense hasn't been enough to break through yet.

Nebraska (8-5, 0-1): Terran Petteway and Shavon Shields don't have a strong-enough supporting cast.

Northwestern (10-4, 1-0): At least there is Rutgers to beat up on.

Rutgers (8-6, 0-1): The Scarlet Knights aren't quite having the charmed transition to the Big Ten that Maryland is.