The flavors of Nepal, Tibet and India are celebrated -- quietly -- at Gorkha Palace, which is celebrating its first-year anniversary by offering 15 percent off the tab, through today. All meals need to start with the restaurant's signature dish, spicy steamed dumplings filled with chicken, mutton, beef or yak.

An Nguyen's gracious and tranquil Rice Paper is the place for lighter, more refined versions of Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese classics, starting with mint- and cilantro-packed spring rolls that merit a cross-town drive. Don't miss the rice plates and the green onion pancake wraps.

At Sapor Cafe and Bar, chef Tanya Siebenaler takes her guests on a delicious around-the-world tour -- crayfish pad Thai, Moroccan-accented lamb sausages on brioche buns, pizzas topped with roasted beets and goat cheese -- and co-owner Julie Steenerson is a total hostess-with-the-mostest in her serene, warehouse loft-like dining room.