Joe Mauer's non-baseball revenue stream is growing to the point that he won't be able to use the express checkout line in his commercial-endorsement shopping cart.

The Twins' star catcher is lending his All-American haircut to a national ad campaign for Head & Shoulders shampoo, the product's manufacturer said Tuesday.

Mauer joins Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu as a Head & Shoulders endorser. The NFL defensive back's oversized head of hair has been the focus of previous ads for the shampoo.

"I've enjoyed the commercials that Troy has done," Mauer said. "They're very creative, they're funny. Obviously, my hair's not like Troy's. Maybe they can do something with my sideburns." Mauer's ad campaign will be rolled out in stages starting in March, said spokeswoman Allyson Culligan. She said one of the ads will feature Mauer and Polamalu together.

Along with Head & Shoulders, Mauer's expanding list of endorsement includes commercials for Kemps milk, Anytime Fitness and Sony PlayStation. He has deals with Nike and Rawlings, and he's done work for Gatorade and Pepsi.