Maverick Ahanmisi was looking almost as good as new before practice on Friday after leaving Tuesday's game against Florida State midway through the second half when he chipped a front tooth.

By Friday, that tooth had been replace and his smile mended, although Ahanmisi still sported a black right eye from the incident.

"They put a new tooth in, so it’s like brand new," Ahanmisi said.

The guard sustained the injury when his head was banged into the floor as he dove for a loose ball.

"When I hit the ground, I felt my tooth shoot to the back of my mouth," Ahanmisi said. "So I just laid there. I felt a bunch of fragments of my tooth in there so I just laid on the ground like ‘This can’t be happening right now.’"

Gophers coach Richard Pitino lauded the play by Ahanmisi, which came when Florida State was within eight points of Minnesota.

"it could have turned into a six-point game and Mav dove and had his chipped tooth because of it," Pitino said. "He saved us a basket, that was about to be a layup."


Joey King said his jaw is "100 percent back to normal" after the power forward fractured it in the game against Coastal Carolina.

King, who missed the Wofford game with the injury but has played since said that the worst part of playing with the injury was then plane ride to Maui, when his face was very swollen. He appeared to reaggrevate the injury against Syracuse, when he was fouled hard and hit the ground.

"I do my best to block it out," he said. "Worst things have happened, so hitting the floor, it’s not a big deal to me."