"Snow". Noun. Atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer.

Good to know - I was wondering what all that white stuff was on my lawn. Even during the mildest, least snowiest winter (to date) on record there are still fleeting reminders that it's February. I think.

A typical "January Thaw" lasts two or three days with highs above 32. We just saw a record 24 consecutive days above freezing, but cold exhaust behind Wednesday night's snow event (still not calling it a "storm") will keep us in the 20s Thursday and Friday. You may even need a heavy jacket or coat by Friday. Weird, huh?

Romp in the snow over the next 72 hours, because what fell overnight will be mostly gone by early next week. Another extended puff of Pacific air should mean 40s much of next week. In fact I see 40s and an outside shot at into late February. Beyond crazy.

A head-scratching thought: If we're seeing 50s in January and February, what will July be like?