College basketball programs across the country had to look in the mirror after the FBI probe last month unveiled corruption involving coaches, shoe companies and other entities in the sport.

Some decided to do internal reviews on their men’s basketball programs in the wake of the scandal, which was detailed in an Associated Press article this month. 


Minnesota is included in the “No” category as a response to the AP question: "Are you reviewing your own basketball program - internally or with a consultant - as a response to the federal probe?"  

But Gophers athletics director Mark Coyle confirmed that the U with its compliance office did conduct a review of Richard Pitino’s program in the last couple weeks. It concluded that Pitino was “doing things the right way.”

Below is the statement Coyle sent to the Star Tribune.

“When news broke late last month about criminal allegations against assistant coaches at several Division I men's basketball programs, we saw an opportunity to review our own program and reassure ourselves, our University’s leaders, and our fans that Gopher men's basketball is following all applicable rules.

We have one of the best compliance staffs in the country, and they invested a lot of time these past few weeks to conduct that review. We had no reason to suspect they would find any evidence of wrongdoing at the outset of the review, and we are satisfied now after seeing their work did not uncover any such evidence.

Our compliance team does an outstanding job of keeping our coaches and student-athletes updated on all NCAA, conference, and University rules, as well as monitoring all 25 have programs to ensure continued compliance. This review confirmed that our systems are working as intended and that our men's basketball team continues to do things the right way.”