We’re nearly two weeks removed from the Vikings’ victory over the Packers at U.S. Bank Stadium, during which linebacker Anthony Barr broke Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone with a legal hit to the Green Bay quarterback.

But the play just won’t go away.

Rodgers wasn’t happy about the play when it happened, yelling some choice words at Barr as he went off the field. Packers coach Mike McCarthy called the play “totally unnecessary.” Barr later defended himself, saying he’s not a dirty player.

If you hoped those various news cycles were enough to cover the play, you were wrong. Rodgers was on with Conan O’Brien on Thursday, and the TV host asked Rodgers about the play.

Rodgers described what happened and then said “the cameras caught me saying something to him,” but they missed what Barr was doing back to him: giving the QB, according to Rodgers, a pair of obscene gestures.

Rodgers was kind of smiling as he retold the story, and he added, “There’s no respect anymore in this business.”

Rodgers added that he had 13 screws inserted during surgery to repair the collarbone.

I can only hope that nobody has to ask Barr about this, adding to the never-ending story.

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