PA Pres. Abbas seeks recognition of a Palestinian state in the “west bank”, Gaza and E. Jerusalem, this week at the UN.  Since the 1970s, the UN has been routinely used as a diplomatic tool to delegitimize Israel. This week, a PLO rep. in Washington told reporters that the future state of Palestine will ban Jews and homosexuals.

“Every Year, the US and Europe transfer collectively approximately a billion dollars in various forms of aid to the Palestinian Authority, and yet, the PA has failed to develop a market economy capable of supporting the Palestinians without foreign assistance.  Rather, they have developed a welfare society where most economic activity stems from foreign handouts.”-

Rather than feel embarrassment at their failures, PA leaders use their economic corruption to continuously threaten their patrons. If aid is cut off, they say, the PA will disintegrate and the far more popular Hamas movement will take over, and then, woe of woes, the peace process will be destroyed.  Of course, Hamas is also sustained by Western aid money. Every month, the same PA that warns of the dangers of a rising Hamas transfers tens of millions of dollars in foreign aid to Hamas-controlled Gaza to pay salaries of Hamas “government” employees.  Yet despite its mafia economy, and its exploitation of their aid funds to support a terrorist organization, the US and EU insist on maintaining the PA’s status as the largest per capita foreign aid recipient in human history. -C. Glick 9/15/11

Native American’s “legitimate” historical land claims in the US more closely align with and resemble Israel’s ancient land claims; than those of nomadic Arabs of various origins who presently reside in the “Land of Israel”, and who today, collectively, refer to themselves as Palestinians.  Can anyone question the legitimate rights of the Native American people to their ancestral homelands? Are Americans unaware that Native American lands were unjustly and forcibly taken from them by the ancestors of their current owners and by later immigrants? 

By rights the American Indians should be awarded most of North and S. Dakota, a good share of Minnesota, New York and DC, etc.  This land was forcibly taken from them! Yet there is no indignant clamor of international supporters or protesters at the UN this week or any other week on their behalf.  Equally, there is no international clamor at the UN on behalf of Israel’s “legitimate” rights to her homeland.  Documented extensively in the Testaments and related writings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, by ancient rights; Israel should be awarded all of what we call today the Kingdom of Jordan, parts of Lebanon, and all of the “West Bank” [The “West Bank”, alone, is the central ancient heartland of Israel from the time of Kings David and Solomon, and includes the entire ancient city of Jerusalem].

Instead, this week, we will bear witness to the so-called “legitimate” rights of the Palestinian Arabs exercised to its fullest in the international UN spotlight, as they call for a State of their own.  They will be supported by multitudes of peoples, including many US citizens. I am curious just how many American supporters of the Palestinian Arab “legitimacy”, would “equally” fight to support the rights of indigenous Native Americans? Also, would they be quite as indignant if their own homes, lands and communities were turned over to the “really legitimate” claims of Native Americans?  

Humanity vs Inhumanity: Perhaps in their quest for fairness, the Native American peoples, like Israeli’s, have been too humane? This is immediately evident in that similar to Israeli’s, there are no Native American suicide terrorists, murderers of innocent non–Native women, children and babies.  Maybe if Native Americans changed their tune, such as teaching hatred to non-Native Americans in their elementary schools and colleges, inciting religious hatred, launching missiles against American institutions such as the White House, and Mount Rushmore, bombing churches and school buses, and gruesomely murdering innocents, they would gain the respect, and the sympathetic ear of  the United Nations, the European Union, certain US and world leaders, the media and others on their behalf? It has obviously worked well for the Palestinian Arabs.

UN “justice” meets this week to consider the so-called “plight” of the Palestinian Arabs, and their pursuit of Statehood in the heartland of ancient Israel.  As the world body rushes to approve their plea, Israelis, like Native Americans will again be big losers.

As usual, there will be scant consideration for the following historical facts:  There has NEVER been an independent Arab kingdom in ancient Judea with Jerusalem as its capital.  There is NO mention of the city of Jerusalem in the Koran, therefore, there is NO actual religious tie between the Arab peoples and the city of Jerusalem. From the Koran, there is NO religious longing to reside in the Land of Israel. Individual Palestinian Arabs never owned their own land in Israel proper, only Arab governments controlled land ownership. Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people.