Comfort and air travel don't always go hand in hand, but whether you're flying across the country or across the ocean, prepared travelers are happier travelers. We asked three local travel bloggers to share the items they won't leave home without. — Nicole Hvidsten

Look About Lindsey

Lindsey Ranzau,

Compression socks

Keeps the circulation flowing on long flights so you don't get swollen feet or ankles. My number one thing I won't go on a plane without (prices vary).

Noise canceling, Bluetooth headphones

Perfect if you have a screaming baby next to you and you still want to enjoy your flight. They take out the background noise so you can focus on your movie or your music and forget you're on a plane. They might be bigger than AirPods, but the extra quiet is worth it (prices vary).

Urban Undercover accessory bags

This is a Minneapolis-based company that specializes in creating cute and comfortable items for travel. My favorite items are the accessory bags with travel quotes on them. Perfect for medication, cords and just for overall organization while you're on the go. ($20-$50)


This might sound kind of boring, but you won't be comfortable while traveling if you're sick. I swear by these chewable tablets and take a few before every flight.

Traveling Chic

Jenny Dolphin,

Trtl neck pillow

I always bring a neck pillow to help me sleep on flights because the airline pillows just don't cut it. Through trial and error on long-haul flights, my favorite is the Trtl pillow (from $30). It provides great neck support, folds flat in your bag and best of all it is machine washable.

Pack your own tea

Typically the tea on flights is caffeinated, so bring your own camomile or peppermint tea and ask for hot water. A warm sleep-inducing tea is perfect to get you in the mood for some ZZZZZs. A glass of wine can help too, but too much will give you a hangover for arrival.

Carry-on dopp kit

I always pack an easily accessible dopp kit in my carry-on bag with a few things that will make the flight more comfortable. Wet Ones to wipe down the tray table, lip balm, makeup remover and lotion or a facemask. Sephora's Jet Lag facemask, while a little pricey ($48), is the perfect solution to hydrate your skin while onboard (no rinse required). A travel-size bottle of dry shampoo is the perfect way to make your hair look fresh after a long flight.

Portable charger

There is nothing worse than having your electronics run out of juice midflight. Whether you're planning to read an e-book, listen to podcasts or watch a movie on your tablet, a backup battery is the perfect solution to keep your electronics working through the entire flight. The Anker PowerCore charger (from $50) is compact and has the ability to charge your iPhone seven times before needing to be charged again.

Thrifty Traveler

Jared Kamrowski,

eBags slim professional laptop backpack

It's a solid complement to my carry-on bag, and it slides right into your carry-on for easy transport — it's been my trusted daily companion for over three years. It's also on sale quite frequently and easy to snag for less than $70.

Apple AirPods

A must for phone calls or hitting the gym upon arrival ($159).


A great lightweight way to take notes or journal anywhere, and then upload for storage online (from $34). Paper notebooks are a thing of the past!

Eye mask

An excellent way to put your body into sleep mode, an absolute must for long-haul overnight flights. The PaiTree sleep mask is lightweight and inexpensive ($5.99).