Welcome back, white Homer Hanky.

A year after red Homer Hanky had the shortest possible life span, the original color is back. Why the change, and the change in the first place?

Major League Baseball no longer wants white-colored objects being waved around by the thousands in the stands. Too distracting, MLB’s rule suggests. So a year ago, the Star Tribune went with a red Hanky when the tradition was rebooted for the HR-happy 2109 Twins. That postseason lasted all of three games for the Twins. Red Hanky really never had a chance.

And this year, well ... it seemed like a good time to return to something familiar, in this strangest of seasons. The 2020 Homer Hanky, looking similar to the original in 1987, will be available Tuesday morning at Cub stores, the Twins pro shop and online at startribune.com/HomerHanky.

The playoffs start Tuesday for the Twins, with Game 1 of their best-of-three series against Houston starting at 1 p.m.