Now is a good time to take on quick, easy at-home projects that may help create order and calm. Organization tops the list, as does creating soothing environments. Looking for some projects to do in your spare time? Here are some ideas:

1. Start in the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and where people spend a large amount of time. From cupboards and shelves to pantries, refrigerators and drawers, organizing these areas can help create a greater sense of calm.

2. Create an inviting home office. Place your workspace or desk next to a window, if possible. Natural light goes a long way toward fostering creativity and enhancing your mood.

3. Prepare for warm weather. Warm weather is coming. Now is a good time to clean and prep outdoor items, such as furniture and grills.

4. Head into the bedrooms. Master bedrooms should be calm and soothing, while children’s bedrooms should feel fun, festive and inviting. Regardless of your goal, you can accomplish it using color, texure and artwork.

5. Implement systems and a schedule. Tired of items or tasks always being on the back burner? Create a weekly schedule in which certain tasks are performed. For example, do laundry on Monday, clean your home on Wednesday and plan and execute meal prep on Sunday.

6. Finish small repairs. Whether it is a bathroom that needs to be re-caulked or a small area that needs a bit of touch-up paint, taking on small repairs will lead to a more finished home.

7. Change light bulbs. Switching from lower-wattage bulbs to those with higher wattage is an easy, quick and affordable fix.

8. Perform routine maintenance tasks such as checking for leaks or minor damage around your home. Additionally, check major appliances and systems that power your home.

9. Pack and purge. Now is the perfect time to get rid of any and all excess.

10. Evaluate and create a game plan. Sometimes the best way to complete all the items on your home to-do list is to make a plan and execute it in segments.

Cathy Hobbs, based in New York City, is a TV host and interior design and home staging expert.