Here are some tips for beginning preppers, courtesy of Nick Olsen, John Barrett and other sources.


• Assess your situation, determining what you’d need for a period of time.

• Buy a little extra every time you go to the grocery store, and more if something is on sale.

• Write purchase dates on canned goods.

• Learn a new skill every year. A good start? How to can or preserve foods.

• Buy a dehydrator or go in with your neighbors to purchase one.

• Establish a neighborhood inventory of tools, equipment and useful skills.

• Look around and consider how something would (or wouldn’t) work without power.

• Stockpile sanitized emptied milk jugs filled with water.

• Imagine how you’d spend idle time.

• Get some tarps, and look for camping equipment at garage sales.

• Put any documents or legal information on a flash drive.

• Assemble a first-aid kit and medicines.

• Gather a supply of heat sources such as Sterno and matches.

• Check out the Pinterest board:  Wouldn’t you like to be a Prepper, too? (There’s a recipe for homemade Velveeta.)

Kim Ode