A 21-year-old man has been charged in connection with a lethal home-invasion robbery that left a Shakopee man dying of gunshots in front of his terrified teen nephew.

Anthony J. Cox, of Minneapolis, was charged Tuesday with two counts of second-degree murder, with intent and without intent.

A 36-year-old friend of the gunman has not been charged, but also is jailed on suspicion of first- and second-degree murder in a strange case tied to employment at a limousine service, from which the older suspect had been fired for alleged methamphetamine use. The Star Tribune generally does not name suspects before they’re charged.

Aaron Moran, 32, a dispatcher at Affordable Town Car Service in Shakopee, was killed at his home on Oct. 22. The older suspect believed that Moran was keeping limo “runs” from him and even staked out his house to see if he’d been going on runs that the suspect thought should have been his, court papers say.

Cox, who had met the older suspect through a mutual friend, went to Moran’s home seeking money and shot him four times, states a criminal complaint in Scott County District Court. Cox told police that he shot Moran in the 800 block of S. Prairie Street.

Court documents allege:

Moran’s 15-year-old nephew was playing video games in their living room when a gunman entered the unlocked front door. The teen saw a silver revolver with a 4-inch-long barrel and black handle. The gunman made him put his hands on a television table, saying Moran owed him money and wanted to know where it was, but the teen didn’t know.

About that time, Moran walked into the house, spotted the gunman and said, “Whoa!”

“This is the guy I’m looking for,” the gunman said. Moran’s cellphone rang and the gunman told him not to answer it. When Moran reached into his pocket for his phone, the gunman shot him four times.

He rifled Moran’s pockets, taking cash, then made the teen take Moran’s gun safe upstairs and stole papers and ammunition from it. He told the teen to close his eyes and count to 120, then fled. The teen called police about 7 p.m.

Police say four days later, both Cox and his friend returned to the area to get items stolen earlier from Moran’s home.

The complaint against Cox also said that on Oct. 8 he robbed another employee of the limo firm with whom his friend also had work disputes. That victims’s girlfriend and her young child were at the home at the time.