Al Franken might be getting used to landslide victories. Two years after easily retaining his U.S. Senate seat,m the Minnesota Democrat tested his brain power on a celebrity edition of “Jeopardy” that aired Thursday afternoon.

It was no contest. From nearly the get-go, Franken had the edge over his competitors, political strategist Ana Navarro and ABC’s Sunny Hostin, thanks to his knowledge on everything from which states have legalized marijuana to the theme song from “The Flintstones.”

In the end, Franken racked up more than $20,000, nearly double the amount earned by runner-up Navarro.

Producers bolstered his total by pledging $50,000 to the charity of his choice, the USO.

Franken didn’t have time during the fast-paced game show to show off his wit, but he did get off a zinger during introductions when host Alex Trebek remarked that, between the two of them, they had participated in 20 USO tours.

“It was amazing for me,” Franken said. “It was probably more amazing for you because normally, to do a USO show, you have to have some sort of talent.”

The week of Washington-based shows, which was taped last month, wraps up Friday with “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner among the competitors. The show airs locally at 3:30 p.m. on KARE, Ch. 11.