As someone with deep and well-chronicled superstitions, we couldn't help but notice the Twins made a wardrobe change over the past two games. Instead of the "TC" caps -- a classic look, don't get us wrong -- they were rocking the "M" caps, as shown on Brian Dozier in last night's game.

Per this tweet from Twins President Dave St. Peter, the club hadn't worn the "M" caps previous to Monday's game since August of 2011.

We're not sure exactly what game that was in August of last year. We do know the Twins were 6-20 last September and were 15-32 this year before dusting off those "M" caps. That's a combined record of 21-52.

We also know they are 2-0 with those "M" caps this season -- with both victories being rare late comebacks after a two-run rally in the 8th on Memorial Day and Josh Willingham's memorable two-out, three-run walkoff shot last night.

St. Peter later tweeted "my guess is we'll see 'em again tomorrow" in reference to the caps, which is the smart play. The Twins should take any edge they can get. To cleanly paraphrase the great Crash Davis from "Bull Durham," you never mess with a winning streak.

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