Word has it that Gopher football coach Tim Brewster was ordered to delete a Twitter.com entry that took a large shot at Strib sports columnist Patrick Reusse.

By the time I heard about this, the alleged tweet from Brew was gone from "Play4brew."

But an e-mailer name Ron claims Brew posted this: How would you like to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror...... if your [sic] Fat Pat.

At 12:41 p.m. Thursday I posted this on Twitter: "Trying to find that alleged 'Fat Pat' post from Coach Brewster."

Not a tweet. Friday afternoon I tracked down Reusse, who'd heard all about this, and he said "Coach Brew has detected that I'm overweight and that makes him an astute observer. And this situation could in no way lessen my opinion of him."

Left a voice mail for Tom Wistrcill, an assistant to the U's AD Joel Maturi, seeking get confirmation or a comment on gossip that a higher up told coach to make the naughty tweet disappear. Getting no response from Wistrcill, I then posted another tweet at DishCentral by C.J. that read: Coach Brew I need a quote from yooooou. You are not being a tweety. Please e-mail [me].

Reusse didn't see the alleged Brew tweet either. "I wouldn't know how to Twitter, although I am on there; I don't know how I got there," said Reusse. "But I got five or six e-mails telling me about [what Brewster allegedly wrote]."

My tweety of a tipster Ron's told me "Brew should probably worry more about the upcoming season than local scribes. For a guy who was supposed to be better at dealing with the media than Glen Mason, I just don't see it and I am very disappointed."

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