Warm Front: Confronting A Changing Climate

“Warm Front” examines the ways that climate change is altering Minnesota and its landscape.

Beth Holbrook retrieves a cisco from a net the biologists set to determine the depth where the fish live.

As lakes warm, race is on to save Minnesota's cold-water fish

As lakes warm, scientists hope to nurture refuge waters for tiny cisco, a key food for game fish
Anglers hit the Rainy River as walleye spawn in spring. But this year, for the first time, the DNR imposed catch-and-release rules on the border river

Part 1: Along the Rainy River, ice and walleyes signal changing climate

April 29
Around the world, climate change is forcing people to revamp the way they fight wildfires and nurture their crops. In Minnesota, the same forces are changing the state's response to spring floods, the way foresters choose trees for timber and which lakefronts can have summer cabins.
Conservation Corps volunteer Sarah Curran planted and marked trees in southeast Minnesota.

Part 2: Invasive grasses choke birds' habitat as climate changes

June 16
Fluctuating levels on Mississippi, ushered in by warming climate, doom floodplain forests.