Though not quite as quick as last year, the walleyes on Red Lake are biting and the keepers are plentiful.  I spend most of last week on Upper Red lake at West Wind resort.  What a great place to go and to have kids experience the fun of catching walleye after walleye.

The water levels are up a foot or two and it is important to adjust your depth from previous years.  I found the fish on the breakline at 6.5 to 7.5 feet of water.  I was dragging 1/4 oz. Lindy X Change jigs tipped with a minnow/fathead along the breakline at about .8 mph.  Occasionally lifting and dropping the jig.  The fish would hit on the drop. 

Midwest Outdoors was up filming television segments and we had a blast!  Hope you do as well!

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