If you follow the gurus, read the mock drafts and allow yourself to actually believe anything that an NFL executive says before the draft, you know that Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is ...

A, The best quarterback in the draft and the No. 1 overall pick. Unless he's ...

B, Overrated and not as good as Johnny Manziel or Blake Bortles and will be taken behind them, somewhere in the top seven picks. Unless, of course, they're ...

C, Truly falling out of favor, dropping in the draft and might be available when the Vikings are on the board at No. 8.

Somewhere amid the confusion and behind the smokescreens are answers that won't be revealed until the draft in May. The Vikings' attempt to get those answers continued Sunday when, according to an NFL.com report, they met with Bridgewater in Louisville on the eve of his much-anticipated pro day today. It's much-anticipated because, A, far too many people have been trained to overhype athletes throwing footballs and running 40-yard dashes in t-shirts and shorts in the spring, and B, Bridgewater didn't work out at the scouting combine last month.

The Vikings spent a day last week taking in Alabama's pro day. They looked at several prospects, but most notably quarterback A.J. McCarron and linebacker C.J. Mosley. You wouldn't think McCarron would be taken at No. 8, but, who knows. No one thought Christian Ponder would go No. 12 in 2011, and McCarron was a lot better college player than Ponder.

According to NFL.com, six NFL coaches are attending Bridgewater's pro day. One of them is Vikings caoch Mike Zimmer. Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman also is one of several GMs in attendance.

Meanwhile, the Houston Chronicle ran an article Sunday in which University of Houston defensive coordinator David Gibbs and Rice defensive coordinator Chris Thurmond broke down the strengths and weaknesses of Bridgewater, Manziel and Bortles. Both D-coordinators faced all three last season.

Gibbs, a former Gophers defensive coordinator and NFL defensive backs coach, said of Bortles and Bridgewater: “I see two safe picks. … I don’t see the bust.”

Meanwhile, Thurmond might have summed up how a lot of us feel about Manziel entering the next level.

"He's like carrying nitroglycerin around," Thurmond said. "If you put it in the trunk of your car, you might get where you're going. But, boy, you're always afraid it's going to blow up."

Bortles' pro day is Wednesday. Manziel's is March 27.

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