Last year, created its "Fan Cave," a Greenwich Village residence that was home to two baseball fans who, in theory, watched every game that was played in 2011 -- as well as being dropped in on by players, former players and the occasional rock stars.

This season, the Fan Cave will have a reality show theme, with nine fans moving to New York for Opening Day. That group includes Lindsay Guentzel, 25, a former KFAN intern and sports blogger, who survived an application process that started with 22,000 entries and was winnowed down to a final 30 before the latest cut of nine. explains that the Fan Cave experience has morphed into "an interactive season-long reality show where many winners start the season at the Fan Cave and undergo a series of challenges along the way, with fans everywhere determining who stays and who goes."

Kind of a hybrid among Survivor, Big Brother and American Idol, we suppose. Could one of the challenges be filling a role in the Twins bullpen if it goes all Dusty Hughes again?

Among her companions will be an Oakland A's fan who claims to have tattoos of 38 baseball logos and mascots on his body, a hazmat clean-up specialist who roots for the Braves and a self-described "failed comedian" and Angels fan. You'll have to decided for yourself how much fun this could be.

Here's Guentzel's bio, and below is one of the videos she submitted as part of the competition.


You can follow her on Twitter here.



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