Q: In checking out DVDs at the library, I came across Seasons 1 and 2 of the TV series “Dirty Sexy Money.” The show was canceled, but I read online that four episodes had been done that gave the series a proper ending. I can’t find them anywhere. Can you help?

A: If you watched all of the two DVD sets of the 2007-09 series, you’ve seen all of “Dirty Sexy Money.”

Ten episodes aired in 2007 before a Hollywood writers’ strike stalled production. While the strike ended early in 2008, “Dirty Sexy Money” was done for the season. Thirteen episodes were made for the second season in 2008-09, but — perhaps because of the show’s long hiatus — ratings weren’t good.

ABC dropped the show after nine telecasts that fall. That left four unaired episodes, which the network ran in summer 2009.

As for what might have been if the show had continued, series creator Craig Wright told the Los Angeles Times: “Juliet, who was played by Samaire Armstrong, was going to be involved in a Patty Hearst-like situation that would get her arrested, after a daring rescue by Nick and Jeremy. Eventually, she ends up married to a soccer coach at a small girls’ boarding school in western Connecticut, where she teaches drama and raises a family of five sons. The fact that a happy ending for her will never air may be my greatest regret about the show being canceled. I wanted her to find happiness.”

‘Quiz’ had a troubled run

Q: Is “The Million Second Quiz” coming back?

A: No. The series’ single season on NBC did yield a winner, Andrew Kravis, who collected $2.6 million. But ratings weren’t strong, the format was a mess and there were reported problems with the interactive element.

‘Low Winter Sun’ has set

Q: Will there be more of “Low Winter Sun”?

A: AMC decided not to renew the little-watched show, an Americanized version of a British miniseries, after a single season in 2013.

Still, the series was interesting in one respect. Mark Strong, who played a murderous lawman in the British version, did likewise in the American series, where he was a Detroit detective. You will see something similar this fall with the Fox series “Gracepoint,” an Americanization of the acclaimed British series “Broadchurch”; actor David Tennant is the lead in both productions.


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