Anything you can do

Joey Fatone hosts "Parents Just Don't Understand," a real-life "Freaky Friday" in which kids and their parents swap roles. I understand why Will Smith probably won't be making an appearance, but I'm holding out hope for a cameo from DJ Jazzy Jeff. 6 p.m. Saturday, Hub Network

The lady vanishes

TV's current obsession with scaring the living daylights out of viewers continues with "Intruders," a new paranormal series about a former L.A. cop who discovers a secret society after his wife mysteriously disappears. Oscar winner Mira Sorvino, who is still waiting for Woody Allen to give her another juicy role, is part of the cast. 9 p.m. Saturday, BBC America

Remember this

Billy Bob Thornton, who may pick up an Emmy Monday for his dastardly role in "Fargo," plays a much more stoic character in 2004's "The Alamo." He's Davy Crockett; Dennis Quaid is Sam Houston. It's not the most exciting battle movie, but at least it's superior to the 1960 version, which marked John Wayne's only credit as a director. 7 p.m. Sunday, WUCW, Ch. 23

Neal Justin