Combat duty

"Community" still struggles in the ratings, but that hasn't deterred the producers from taking chances. The unpredictable series returns to animation, this time in the style of old "G.I. Joe" cartoons. Since the original series was based on a Marvel comic book, we can only assume that Nick Fury will be making an obligatory appearance. 7 p.m., KARE, Ch. 11

Only in my dreams

Debbie Gibson, that 1980s sensation, opens her doors to the "Celebrity Home Raiders," showing off private photos, vintage clothing and a hatch that leads to the basement where she's been keeping Tiffany, the pop-star rival who stole her shopping-mall fans. 9:01 p.m., Lifetime

Kiwi komedy

Rhys Darby, the scene-stealing agent from the sorely missed "Flight of the Conchords," shows off his versatility in "Short Poppies," a new comedy in which he plays various members of small-town New Zealand being profiled for a documentary. If you like the kind of self-indulgent humor favored by our English-speaking friends overseas, you'll be an instant fan. All eight episodes now available on Netflix.

Neal Justin