Q. I’m traveling to Europe with relatives and we’d like to use our cell phones to stay connected with one another while we’re there, is that possible?

A.  Because you didn’t say where you’ll be traveling or what kind of phones you have, the he simple answer is probably. That said, the most important thing you can do is contact your service provider to inquire about an international calling/data plan that will make those calls, even if within the same country, much more affordable. If you don’t sign up for a plan, or buy a prepaid international calling card, you’re likely to incur huge international roaming charges. For example, during a recent trip I signed up for a data plan that cost $50, but saved me hundreds of dollars because I was testing several Iphone travel applications. I exceeded the limit on my data plan and was floored to discover that downloading driving directions at one point cost more about $40.

Readers: Share your tips about using cell phones in Europe.

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