New in the freezer case are Grands! Biscuit microwave sandwiches from Pillsbury (the exclamation point is part of the name, not an indicator of Mr. Tidbit's level of excitement). These are "breakfast sandwiches" -- scrambled eggs, cheese sauce, and sausage or bacon between halves of a buttermilk biscuit.

Right next to them in the freezer case are Pillsbury's new microwave Egg Scrambles -- scrambled eggs, potatoes, cheese sauce and either sausage or "bacon & veggies." (The veggies in question are red and green bell peppers and onions.)

Mr. Tidbit wondered about why the name "Egg Scrambles" includes the word "egg" -- what other kinds of scrambles would there be? Oh, yes: Pillsbury's own Toaster Scrambles (cheese sauce, egg and bacon or sausage in a toaster pastry). Summing up, Pillsbury offers you eggs, cheese and bacon or sausage all by themselves or inside a biscuit or inside a toaster pastry. Sure to follow: inside a tortilla wrap, inside a croissant, inside an English muffin, inside a Kaiser roll, inside a brioche, inside a hamburger bun, inside a bagel ... well, maybe that one could be with kosher salami.


Butter, butter everywhere

Mr. Tidbit just noticed a new butter product from Land O'Lakes, and he started to make a mental list of the kinds we already had. He couldn't resist checking out the Land O'Lakes website to see how he had done. If you are of a game-playing mind, stop reading here, cover up what follows and list as many Land O'Lakes butter offerings as you can.

No peeking (and no margarine).

OK, there are sticks of salted butter, unsalted butter, light butter, salted butter in half-sticks and unsalted butter in half-sticks; and tubs of salted whipped butter, unsalted whipped butter, whipped light butter, butter with olive oil, butter with canola oil, roasted garlic butter with oil, light butter with canola oil, honey butter spread and, finally, new cinnamon sugar butter spread. That's 14!