In today's column about why collectibles rarely hold any value besides sentiment, I mentioned that the Shrek drinking glasses from McDonald's are considered "hot." 

You might recall that McDonald's recalled the glasses due to cadmium content. Anything recalled so soon after its release is a scarcer commodity, so the value should increase. It depends on how many glasses were purchased before the restaurant quit selling them.

McDonald's, taking responsibility like a good corporate citizen, is now paying $3 per glass if you bring them back to any McDonald's location. Don't go through the drive-through because you have a to sign a refund slip for each $3 glass returned. Original receipt not needed. 

The glasses have been selling on eBay for $7.50 to $10.50 each (completed auctions), but I could not find any current glasses for sale. Has McDonald's forced eBay to take them down? I don't know.