Tjernlund Products' AireShare transfer fans let you move heated or cooled air from one room or level of your house to another.

The fans help share warmth from fireplaces, stoves and electric baseboard heaters, as well as coolness from room air conditioners.

Room-to-room models draw air into a wall cavity and send it out through an air diffuser on the other side of the wall. Level-to-level models move air through a sleeve between floors.

The fans are available at Room-to-room fans sell for $189.95 for a hard-wired model or $229.95 for a plug-in type. Level-to-level fans must be hard-wired and sell for $229.95. Shipping is extra.

The company also sells its products to contractors through wholesalers.

Removing wall texture

Q One of our bathrooms' walls and trim were painted with textured paint. I hate it. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it or cover it?

A Karl Schmitt, vice president of marketing and merchandising for the Sherwin-Williams Co., said one option is to skim-coat the wall with drywall compound. Sand the compound smooth, prime and repaint.

You can also sand the texture down with a power sander, Schmitt said, and that's probably the approach you'll need to take on the trim. But that's a more labor-intensive undertaking, he said.

Tile grout sealer

One of the toughest and most frustrating cleaning jobs is the grout on your tile floor. Until now, grout-sealing tools have been awkward, resulting in a slow process that left a sloppy mess on the tiles. But there's a new product called the Dirty Grout Be Gone Applicator Tool that helps seal grout lines with almost no sloppy mess on the edge of your tile. This handheld tool puts down a very straight, smooth and even line of sealer, completely coating grout pores.

Once the grout pores are coated and the sealer hardens, coffee, tea, pet urine, balsamic vinaigrette, etc., will easily wipe up, leaving no stain or mess.

Sealing products from Dirty Grout Be Gone Corp. come in 27 colors. The manufacturer says they will last up to 10 years. For more information, visit or call 1-866-874-6323.