Sure, you can look at the camera and smile sweetly. But that gets kind of old if you’re taking 20 pictures a day. Maybe that’s why the selfie now has so many wacky variations. Take a look.


Mirror selfie: Old school, from the days before front-facing cameras, but still useful for showing off an outfit head-to-toe.

Duckface selfie: An epidemic among young girls, most of whom admit the pouting pose is silly. Also sometimes known as MySpace face.

Selfie with friends: Proof that you don’t just spend time taking pictures of yourself. You’ve got friends and you do things together!

Ugly selfie: A rejection of vanity. Show off that post-workout sweat, goofy expression and triple chin. Particularly common on Snapchat.

Yoga selfie: These people are strong and flexible and now you, too, know it. Debatable, however, whether they’re actual selfies, since someone else probably snapped the picture.

Cat bearding: Two Internet crazes collided when someone somewhere figured out a (very compliant) cat could look like a beard in a selfie.


Katie Humphrey