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Just what is Peterson's agent hinting at?

It must be nice to be so comfortable financially that you can pass up $250,000, like Adrian Peterson might if he doesn’t show up for the Vikings’ offseason workouts.

And now you have Peterson’s agent, Ben Dogra, posting photos on social media wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers hat.

If Dogra is hinting the Bucs might give up the No. 1 overall pick in next week’s draft for Peterson – and that would be a huge stretch – well, I would certainly make that deal. The Vikings would turn that pick into three or four really good picks.

I still expect Peterson to be on the Vikings this season, despite the strange actions of his agent....

Hartman blog: Garnett has no desire to coach

One thing Kevin Garnett made clear at his press conference on Tuesday is that he has no interest in coaching, now or ever.  He is willing to teach and instruct any of the Wolves’ younger players before and after practice, and considers this something he owes the game. But you can be sure Mr. Garnett will never be pacing the sidelines in an expensive suit like Mr. McHale and Mr. Saunders now do.

The press conference announcing Garnett’s return to Minnesota was the biggest in the history of the basketball team by far.  Tickets will be in demand for Wednesday night’s game, and the crowd will go crazy for KG’s return.

On a personal note, I had a fantastic relationship with Kevin when he was here, from the start to the end, and I paid tribute to him by bowing when he appeared for the press conference Tuesday.\


And after the press conference, he grabbed me and was very interested in my health and welfare, and made it clear he would be available to me when needed. His return will be important for the Timberwolves when it comes to getting media attention, you can be sure of that.

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