I think I can say this will the credibility of someone who has told you what I really think about the Twins: The home opener is a day to suspend belief and just enjoy the festivities, in addition to as much excitement as we can muster.

The Twins are turning home after a 3-3 road trip, which is probably two games better than some thought after the Friday meltdown in Cleveland. The sour note of the .500 start is that none of the games have been the sharply played sort that the Twins will need to exceed whatever expectations you've set for them.

But we'll get back to that another day if we need to.

Today is for celebrating the first-week thrills of Chris Colabello, who turned down good money to play in Korea for one more chance at the majors. Most of us had him pegged as a fill-in at the end of the bench even if he made the club, but Gardy will now have a hard time keeping him out of the lineup. It's also a day to laud Trevor Plouffe and wonder if he can continue his new look and early success, which has included him finding a solid stroke to the opposite field instead of the pull-or-nothing approach that had people anxious about when the injured rookie Miguel Sano would be ready to push him aside.

Today I'm closing my eyes to the Jason Bartlett silliness and not thinking about Ricky Nolasco's first two starts.

Everyone has their own things to add to the list of good that comes with the opener. Mine includes the after-market tickets near home plate that we found for $25 below face value ... temperatures that are supposed to be in the mid-50s ... and the hope that enough pieces of our discontent will be unfounded so that we'll have reason to keep going back to Target Field without having to feel sheepish..

I get the frustration with the Twins, count myself among the frustrated and feel fortunate to have this platform for us to share the bad and the good.

Today, I'm choosing to share hope. Enjoy the day.

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