Each week commenter Newbie takes a look at the underbelly of the underbelly of sports. We're really digging in there now, aren't we? Newbie:


What to Watch this weekend:

The 137th Running of the Kentucky Derby.  Post time 5:24pm CT on NBC.  In what should be "smack dab in the middle of the blue" of spring, this derby will hopefully jumpstart our spring here in Minnesota and finally give us the weather we so richly deserve after last winter. 

Couple Notes: Calvin Borel, champion of 3 of the last 4 Derby's, will ride Twice the Appeal.  Even though he is not the favorite, in this field it there doesn't seem be to a horse that stands out.  So, I honestly would find it hard to bet against him, after watching Calvin in 2009 win on a 50-1 horse, only to beat that horse in the Preakness on a different horse and then almost win the Belmont on the Derby horse.  So, he seems to be able to handle anything. 

Twitter trended the hashtag #SeinfeldDerbyHorseNames which basically features every catch phrase the show ever uttered.  Serenity Now was my first choice and remains the right answer.

NBC is considering moving the Predators and Canucks playoff game from 8pm on Versus to 5pm on NBC just so they could preempt it with horse racing coverage, again.  The NHL thought that made perfect sense.

Untrue, Unresearched, and Possibly Incendiary Slurs Against Various Niche Sports:

Looking for a sport for your child that doesn't involve spending lots of money on equipment, early morning practices with a team, or even you having to spend time with him/her?  Well look no further than Sport Stacking.  Yes if you have a child, some plastic cups, and about 10-15 seconds to kill; they could become World Champions.  Don't have cups, you say?  Relax, they've got you covered.  Don't have a child?  That... ok, you're on your own there.  I'm not posting a link that can help you with that.  Clarence has a bunch, he might loan you one.  I can't guarantee they are up to date on their shots or even have two arms, but really, can you be picky at this point?  You're not getting any younger.

If you are in the Ohio area over the weekend, there is a tournament in Lebanon you could get in on and get started.

Context Free Deleted Comment of the Week:

"With Bin Laden now gone, will the federal government finally get serious about giving Stu the vicious tickling he so righteously deserves?"  -- Rocket

Random Guinness Book of World Records Niche Sport Record of the Week:

In Sport Stacking, there is the "cycle stack" which is a sequence of stacks combining a 3-6-3 stack, a 6-6 stack, and a 1-10-1 stack, in that order. Stackers conclude the Cycle stack with cups in a 3-6-3 "down stacked" position. The fastest this has ever been done is 5.93 seconds. Seems like forever, doesn't it guys? Anyway, here is some video of records being set.

Non-Niche Sport Edition:

At the risk of delving into Rocket's world superficially and subjecting myself to being "lawyered," the Longest Running Civil Court Case by an Individual started in December of 1972 and shows no signs of slowing.  (Maybe it does, I couldn't find much info on it with the googles.)

Finally, while this is not Niche Sport related, I wanted to take a moment to touch on the events that have unfolded this week.  I believe it takes a special kind of person to, not only make a tough decision, but to follow through and stand by it.  I believe this is a key trait to look for in any good leader.  While there was a lot of uncertainty about him initially, I am happy to see that trait displayed in the current one.  And although many think he is a big reason we are in the current mess we are in, the previous leader also showed this trait, and both should be commended for the courage they showed.  With that being said, I just want to say thank you to Christian Ponder for purchasing a Twins hat and sparking a winning streak.  Here's hoping he will fly to Spain and bring back Rubio, and find a new coach for the Wild. And let me add, I do not need to see a photo to prove he bought the hat.

Your thoughts on the Kentucky Derby, Sport Stacking, Stu tickling, or long running court cases are welcome in the comments below. [Proprietor note: Gratuitous and superstitious link to a Ponder tweet from us]

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