Chief Deputy Leif Anders, Scott County sheriff’s office

Madeline “Maddy” Baxter, longtime employee at McGregor Industries

Benedict, alias of a person involved in the murder

Tom Bennigan, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer

Sheriff Russell “Rusty” Benson, Scott County sheriff

Cammy, daywatch guard at McGregor Industries

Tracy Carver, forensics for U.S. Fish & Wildlife in Oregon

Lieutenant Cole, Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

Susan Connelly, financial analyst at McGregor industries

Marlin Coots, McGregor Industries night watchman

Gray, hybrid malamute/arctic wolf owned by Sam Rivers

John, alias of a person involved in the murder

Kay Magdalen, Sam Rivers’ boss at U.S. Fish & Wildlife in Denver

Jake Massey, a hunter with search hounds

Mac McCollum, colleague of Sam Rivers at U.S. Fish & Wildlife

Carla McGregor, married to Jack McGregor

Jack McGregor, owner, president and CEO of McGregor Industries, a fertilizer company

Angus Moon, dog breeder

Myrtle, secretary to the Scott County sheriff

Fanny Pederson, U.S. Attorney’s office

Sam Rivers, special agent, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Carmine Salazar, U.S. Fish and Wildlife accountant living with Sam Rivers’ ex-wife

Warren Sap, coroner

Deputy Ole Sorenson, Scott County sheriff’s department

Jared Sparks, tennis pro having an affair with Carla McGregor

Angie Sweet, assistant treasurer, McGregor Industries

Diane Talbott, reporter, Vermilion Falls Gazette

Urban, alias of a shadowy woman involved with Jack McGregor’s murder

Emma Winetraub, the McGregors’ neighbor