A water main break in Rogers drained up to 2 million gallons of water — but it took police, city staff and a State Patrol helicopter to find the spill.

The northwest suburb noticed the break after a drop in water readings Tuesday afternoon, but couldn't immediately find the flooding because it happened in a wooded area that isn't "readily observable," City Administrator Steve Stahmer said.

"It was a little tricky to find," he said.

City crews found and repaired the broken 10-inch water main, located in a pond at 21200 Rogers Drive near Interstate 94.

The break caused the city's water storage tanks to lose a significant amount of water, up to 2 million gallons.

Stahmer said rumors that the break had emptied the city's water towers were inaccurate, but had the water loss continued, it could have been significant and dangerous for fire crews responding to a fire.

Nearby businesses weren't damaged because water just flowed into a pond; however, they were without water access for several hours until the water main was repaired later Tuesday.

Stahmer said water breaks are common this time of year for cities as pipes are affected by fluctuating water temps.

In fact, three days earlier, Wayzata crews shut down part of Hwy. 101, also known as Bushaway Road, for several hours to fix a broken water main.