When my friend told me about his new obsession -- ready-made pancake batter in an aerosol can -- my first thought was, "You're kidding, right?"

But after spending a morning with Batter Blaster ($4.99), consider me a convert. The all-organic product is convenience wrapped up in a CO2-pressurized can. Now time-pressed flapjack lovers can whip up a hot breakfast on a moment's notice. Busy parents, empty nesters, single-serving snackers, late-night waffle lovers, they'll all flip for the Blaster.

It's an especially handy invention for cabin dwellers, who can put up an impressive short stack without going to the fuss of stocking and mixing ingredients. The tasty results fry up fluffy and golden, and while the resemblance to a Reddi-Wip can is unfortunate, at least the steel packaging is 100 percent recyclable. My second thought: "Why didn't I think of this?"


Batter Blaster is available at Lunds and Byerly's, Festival Foods, Whole Foods Market and other supermarkets.