A good number of Minnesota fans took exception to a tweet from Yahoo's Jason Cole last night that read:


Peterson is the BEST RB, but he doesn't get nasty yards like Lynch or Gore.

Now: We think we understand what Cole was maybe trying to say (bear with us): Peterson is powerful, but he has a lot of breakaway runs. Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore get a lot of grinding runs, turning three yards into five yards.

Also: Minnesota fans tend to get overly sensitive at times when one of their own -- particularly someone as great as Peterson -- is tweaked even slightly.

But: The tweet was pure nonsense. The naked eye backs it up pretty well, as Peterson has consistently bounced off or run through defenders this season. He finished one run Sunday by completely obliterating poor Rams rookie corner Janoris Jenkins.

The statistics back it up even better. Going INTO Sunday's game, Peterson had nearly twice as many yards after contact against 8-plus man fronts than any other RB in the league, per this tweet.

He had more than 1,000 yards after contact GOING INTO SUNDAY, per this tweet, and he was tied for second in forced missed tackles.

Peterson is the best running back on the planet. He might be the best of all-time, which we do not say lightly. And if you don't think he runs as "nasty" as other top backs, whatever your definition, you're not paying enough attention. The difference is he turns three-yarders into 80 yarders instead of just five.

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