We flipped on Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals late in the third period last night. Boston had a 2-1 lead; by no means is that guaranteed to be safe, but our general thought was that the Bruins, at home, would cruise to the finish and force Game 7. We walked into the kitchen to put a few groceries away, and all of the sudden it was 2-2.

"Wow, cool! Overtime. Perfectly timed," we thought.

We re-watched the pretty tying goal, then walked back into the kitchen. Again, we heard a commotion and saw Chicago players celebrating. Were they showing the replay again?

"They scored another [redacted] goal!" we shouted.

And there it was: One of the most stunning, rapid-fire sports comebacks we can remember in a big game, particularly by a road team. A few minutes of real time later, and Chicago was hoisting the Stanley Cup.

Depending on where you sit, it is either one of the great clutch performances by the Blackhawks or one of the all-time chokes by Boston. We imagine most of the world will remember it as the latter -- particularly the good people of Toronto, who reveled the ultimate sports schadenfreude after their team coughed up Game 7 to Boston earlier in the playoffs in similarly stunning fashion.

We'll leave you with this image of today's front page of the Toronto Sun.





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