The Bermuda Triangle vs. Ely's Angling Angle

  • Blog Post by: Karl Seckinger
  • September 14, 2009 - 3:11 PM

With the world always being involved one way or another with the ever popular love triangle, and we know how the Atlantic Ocean has the Bermuda triangle and the state of Minnesota has the northwest angle? Do to my small town math calculations I was thinking maybe Ely should work out some of its own geometry and possibly defy the law of physics and come up with a trendy little angle of its own.

We would need a catchy angle name, like the Ely angling angle. Start off with some old wives tales and mix in bit of wendigo lore and legend and I bet in no time at all we would start having famous fishing guides swallowed up by paranormal occurrences other than there is one powerful walleye bite up in pipestone bay where most guides disappear all to often on a regular basis. Case in point, Bob Cary is really not gone…the Ely fishing angle, hooked him, forever.

Now where would the mapped out angling angle actually be gridded? Well we ought not to forget that if were gonna propose a Equilateral angling triangle we better anchor it with at least two bait shops at possibly opposite azimuths along the base line of say, Sheridan street. 

If on the other hand we choose the isosceles triangles we just change the name to the ice-isosceles triangles and it would pretty much cover the eight months of ice we live with every year. We could have seasonally adjusted angles due to the declination angle most of us never understand either.

In any case, we just all need to be careful and select the “right triangle” angling angle. But I digress with respect to where the angle will actually dangle. Since I’m just a lowly fisherman maybe we leave it up to the city fathers who maybe related to a county surveyor with a firm eye on Ely’s terra firma.

Now with any good angle it’s got to start somewhere vague so we need to get the rumors of leviathan small mouth bass chomping on unsuspecting  fishing folks who were aimlessly wandering fall lake last fall. A Water wolf pike that fanged the faint of heart fishing pros who swear that a northern pike to end all northern pike  fish was lost somewhere in Elys angling angle but there gps went dead due to electromagnetic forces beyond anyone’s recent comprehension. Hey a little aura borealis goes along way.  (Work with me here, the less we know, the less were liable or culpable for on slow fishing days later on).

Fishingly yours,
the trout whisperer

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