Closer look: Metro Gang Strike Force

  • May 21, 2009 - 8:52 PM


History: Legislature created Metro Gang Strike Force in 2005 after dissolving the Minnesota Gang Strike Force.

Composition: Thirty-four officers from 13 local agencies, including police and sheriff's departments and U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement.

Funding: About $2.2 million from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, including $400,000 for operational infrastructure such as rent and computers and the balance for grants to agencies that provide officers (about $50,000 per officer).

2008 statistics: Initiated 1,016 investigations and made 615 arrests. Eighty-four of those arrested were charged federally, and 215 were charged with misdemeanors. Force assisted in 438 arrests, executed 288 warrants and seized 122 firearms, 20 vehicles and $409,385 in cash.

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