Chicken-in-the-woods, a delicious find!

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  • August 14, 2013 - 8:17 AM


Last weekend my husband and I were enjoying a Twin Cities park when lo and behold we came across a chicken-in-the-woods mushroom a short distance from the path.  After a couple of arm pumps and “woo hoos”, I took out my jack knife and carefully removed two of the three mushrooms. 


In this particular park it is legal to remove mushrooms.   I knew this going in, thus the jack knife in my pocket and plan to carry any mushroom bounty out in my straw hat.

The bright yellow and distinctive shape is hard to get wrong.  A close relative, hen-in-the-woods, is easy to identify as well.  Bill Marchel did a great article last week on this hen-in-the-woods.

I’ve found “the chicken” before and know it’s delicious flavor (hence the arm pumps).  They have the taste and texture of moist, herby chicken.  The two we harvested were over a pound and the earthy aroma in the car ride home made me salivate. 

Shortly after getting home, I brushed off any remaining dirt from the mushrooms, cut them up and placed 2/3 of the stash on a cookie sheet for freezing.  The remaining portion was cooked in a little butter, olive oil, and a smidge of garlic powder.  We added this to some whole wheat orzo and a little cream for a delicious side dish. 


I’m hoping we get a bit more rain so more mushrooms come popping out of the ground and into the pan!  Any foray friends who have finds to share?

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