Baby perfume: My, how they grow up so fast

  • Article by: Aimee Blanchette
  • Star Tribune
  • April 1, 2013 - 4:23 PM


Dirty diapers and all, new babies smell like heaven.

So do they really need their own perfume? Dolce & Gabbana thinks so.

The high-end design company has launched a new perfume for the preschool market and younger. For the price of a box of Huggies, your littlest can wear an alcohol-free fragrance that’s inspired by a baby’s skin, breath and “first smile.”

D&G’s luxury online magazine, Swide, announced the perfume with an Instagram photo of the product’s box. Designer Stefano Gabbana posted the image with a caption that said “per I bambini,” which translates to “for children.”

In case you’re wondering why anyone would want to mess with the smell of perfection, D&G says that’s not the intent. Instead, the company said, notes of citrus, honey and melon are meant to enhance that well-baby smell.

Not all parents are goo-goo ga-ga over the scent. Alcohol-free or not, Minneapolis resident Laura Landa said the idea stinks.

“Who would buy this?” said Landa, who has a 4-month-old. “Most parents I know intentionally avoid fragrance, often paying more for products without it.”

D&G isn’t the first brand to launch a fragrance for children. Johnson’s, Bulgari and Burberry have lines of specially formulated baby fragrances.

The D&G baby fragrance is available for about $44 from the new store in Venice, Italy, which places an emphasis on family-based luxury products. Landa, for one, isn’t eager to see the product make it to the United States.

“Gross. No way,” she said. “Perfume of any kind is the last thing a baby needs.” □


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