Love's hand will be re-examined this week

  • Blog Post by: Kent Youngblood
  • March 24, 2013 - 5:47 PM

 Wolves star Kevin Love will have a CT Scan of his right hand examined by his New York surgeon later this week and he hopes to be cleared for full-contact action at that time. 

But even if he is, there is no guarantee he will be on the court again this season. March 28 will mark 10 weeks since surgery to repair  his broken right hand, something he's done twice this season. He will have the CT scan taken locally and sent to his doctor.

"Hopefully I'll have it cleared for contact," Love said.

But being cleared and returning to action are two different things. Love is not interested in rushing back the way he did last time. The first time he felt the pressure to return and lead the team. This time the Wolves are out of the playoff picture, so that pressure is off. 

"That's something that we'll have to talk about," said Love about any potential return. "I know that I'll have the confidence to come back and play. It's just what the doctor says and what is going to be right for the team."

But there are good signs. Love said he was shooting the ball very well and that his hand is back to feeling normal. This is a big thing; after he broke the hand the first time -- surgery was not done that time -- Love said his hand never returned to feeling normal. 

Not playing again this season is still a possibility, especially if this week's checkup results in his being asked to wait another week or 10 days before having the hand looked at again. But Love said he wants very much to play some this season, even if it's just a few games. "I'd like to be out there on the court," he said. 

Still, Love will need some full contact workouts before he would play in a game. And with the Wolves playing so many games down the stretch, there won't be much opportunity for practice. So Love will have to simulate the full contact he gets in practice in one-on-one or two-on-two workouts with coaches and teammates. 

"Injuries happen," he said. "It's been tough. But I just want to bounce back from 'em. This being my fifth year in the league, I hope to play 10 years plus after this year. Hopefully this is one of those years where you can scratch it and move forward from there."


Meanwhile, Chicago will be playing without Derrick Rose (no surprise), Rip Hamilton and Joakim Noah. 


I'll get back to you after the game. 

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