TFD: Garbage time tales -- yelling at the TV for fantasy points

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • November 26, 2012 - 5:26 PM

We like to pretend that we rise above the fray, but anyone who watches sports with us knows better. We yell a lot at the TV. We can -- at times -- use inappropriate language. Just ask Rocket. Or Malik Rose.

But we hit an all-time low late Sunday afternoon watching the end of the Saints-49ers game. The outcome was not in doubt, but we were clinging to a thin fantasy football lead in a must-win fantasy game (again, all desperate stuff). Our team was on a five-game losing streak and sat below .500 for the season, but somehow a victory this week would all but assure a playoff berth.

So we sat, cheering for the three players we had going in one game -- Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham and Frank Gore -- wanting the game to last as long as possible.

We almost threw something at the TV when a Gore garbage time TD was called back by a holding penalty. And yes, we pumped our fists and shouted when Brees completed two completely meaningless passes to Graham in the final minute, thus getting us an extra point from both.

As it turned out, we sweated out a subpar game from Randall Cobb in the Sunday nighter (#IncreasinglyLostSeason) and ended up winning our fantasy matchup by 4 points.

We'll almost certainly be in the fantasy playoffs. But we will feel shame. Oh yes, we will feel shame.

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